Prototype. Livre d’artiste : photographies et texte imprimés à jet d’encre sur papier BFK Rives, relié à la main et recouvert de tissue, 24,1 x 40,6 cm (9½ x 16 pouces), 9 cahiers, 73 pages.
Extrait du texte :

I have often struggled with my sense of place, expecting it to be permanent and capable of bringing out the best in me as I once hoped it would. I am forever aware of my vulnerability, that I can never run away from myself, and that I am generally humbled by the ever-changing environment that surrounds me. But the persistent impact of unfamiliar or revisited places usually afford me fresh eyes to see home anew, trigger my creative curiosity, and transform my perception of the world around me and of myself.

What feelings will this new place evoke and how will my experience change me? As I reflect upon the places I have known, I also find myself wondering what impact, if any, my presence has had on them. What traces of my existence do I leave behind?

All I need to be at home is a quiet space, where I can be alone, feel uninhibited, safe, and fully regain my sense of self. Home is a place that feels familiar, one I often compare all others to, but my childhood idea that it should include people that I can trust to protect, nurture and love me just as I am became both a myth and a dream. Though I never stopped yearning for it, I was led to believe that belonging was a sign of weakness and dependence. As a result, belonging isn’t for me something earned or permanent, tied to people and places, but rather a feeling that comes with being in harmony with the world, concurrent with events in time.





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